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From One alone to together as One
How to get people out of their social isolation?

Problem owner: Municipality of Roosendaal
Pitcher: Alderman Schenk

Inhabitants of Roosendaal are relatively more lonely in comparison with residents of other municipalities in the region of Western Brabant (province of Noord-Brabant). The council wants to address this problem and is looking for innovative ideas that will help counter loneliness.

The so called “Vitality map”, developed by the council of Roosendaal shows above average scores of inhabitants being lonely, figures are represented at city district and neighborhood level. Remarkable is the fact that the problem occurs in all age groups. The results from the “Social Resilience Monitor” confirm the disadvantage in access to social resources (such as social participation) in medium sized municipalities of which Roosendaal is one. The monitor also shows other problem issues that are more apparent in mid-size and Western Brabant municipalities.

The municipality of Roosendaal adopts an approach aimed at the different town districts. The basis for this approach is the vitality map, in each district dialogue session are organized about which problem(s) deserve(s) attention. Through commonly available support, for instance welfare support, loneliness is already being addressed, but a more structural “loneliness agenda” or “loneliness approach” would be welcome. The approach to dealing with loneliness is difficult because the problem is not very obvious or visible. The target group, on top of that, is not an easy group to reach. Therefore we are looking for innovative ideas to combat loneliness.

In what way(s) is Roosendaal able to support inhabitants in decreasing their feelings of loneliness?

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