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Towards a dementia friendly society
How to make dementia a concern for everybody?

Problem owner: Program council of Health Innovation in Psycho-geriatrics (PGraad)
Pitcher: Wies Arts, Program Manager PGraad

In the province of Noord-Brabant a large group of people live with dementia and their number is constantly rising. A growing part of this group lives at home in their own neighbourhoods. The PGraad, together with organization ZET are looking for innovative ideas to –as society as a whole- provide care for this vulnerable target group.


In Brabant there are 38,000 people with dementia, 70% of them live at home in their own neighbourhoods. In view of the changing healthcare policy this number will rise to 80%. For every person with dementia 3 (family) caregivers are involved. At this moment 114,000 people in Brabant are caring for someone with dementia. 50% of caregivers feel overburdened, to keep up and continue the care for someone with dementia resources in the vicinity of the caregivers are needed.

With the program “Dementia Friendly Communities” the PGraad already started strengthening those resources: participating municipalities are organizing all kinds of campaigns and activities to get dementia out into the open and to make facilities for people with dementia more accessible.

However, it takes more than that to keep people with dementia and family caregivers healthy and active: namely the entire community! What can be the significance of a club or society for members who develop dementia? How do you keep people involved?  What can a building society do for her tenants with dementia so that they are able to live longer in their own, familiar environment? What can neighbours do for people with dementia? How can entrepreneurs support people with dementia so that they are able to continue doing their shopping?


In what manner are you able to create a “dementia friendly” environment where not only the usual suspects (local governments and health organizations), but all those involved (clubs, neighbours and shopkeepers) are attentive with regard to this vulnerable target group?

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