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Tilburg, city of happiness?
How to actively promote happiness and create a happiness agenda

Problem owner: Municipality of Tilburg
Pitcher: Alderman Kokke

Tilburg wants to be a “future proof”, liveable city, with pleasant neigbourhoods for its inhabitants. The city is trying to achieve this by a targeted neigbourhood approach, the basis for this approach is  its structural policy program. However, the “traditional” efforts aren’t resulting in an (even) greater sense of happiness of the city’s inhabitants. A certain status quo is reached. The city is therefore searching for innovative ideas to actively promote happiness and to make Tilburg a city of happiness.


The city of Tilburg is working from several policy programs at the wellbeing of its citizen’s. Area’s where a raise in quality is strived at are: public space, the level of public facilities, repression and prevention, societal participation and self-sufficiency, health care and social support and economic activation. The results of these programs show a lot of positive development within the social context and physical environment but show little progression where sentiment, perception and wellbeing of citizens is concerned. The city wants to put more effort into this, where before it acted reactively, in the form of (just) finding solutions for certain problems, or “cushioning bad luck”, Tilburg would like to put actively promoting happiness, higher up the agenda. To achieve this, the city would like to establish an experimental “happiness” garden from the viewpoint of the targeted neighbourhood approach. The city is therefore searching for other, softer or more emotional values that zoom in on the sense of happiness of the inhabitants in the neigbourhoods. Is it possible to actively promote happiness and achieve a happiness agenda? How do you become a happiness-city?


How can the city of Tilburg achieve a “happiness agenda” in order to actively promote happiness; how will Tilburg become happiness-city?

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